Fast-Track learning,  Pilates on the Oov

You may be scratching your head, asking what is and Oov?

The OOV is revolutionary  neuro-feedback device that fast-tracks learning, improving how we move and feel.

Having taught Pilates for 13+ years and practicing Pilates myself for more that 18 years, I have been exposed to many methods and techniques for teaching my students to connect the dots of thinking, feeling and moving.  How well people move varies so widely based on one’s movement history- athleticism, injuries, surgeries, health conditions, and emotional experiences to name a few.  A movement teacher has to assess and determine the best way to direct their students to get the most effective result for the student and breakdown any barriers  to efficient movement.  This could take multiple sessions to dial this in.  And depending on the receptivity and and body awareness of the student, it could be a long journey of learning.

In 2015 I discovered the OOV, but I did not know much about it beyond the few exercises that came in the phone app created to get started.  After attending a Foundation teacher training class, I was blown away by genius and the power of the Oov.  I’ve experienced the magic of the Oov first hand with my own body, having no pain, and greater strength and mobility in my neck, shoulders, hips & spine.  I thought to myself, “This is the way to get my disconnected students connected with their bodies and to be stronger!”

Fast forward to 2019, having taught Pilates on the Oov classes and private sessions for two years, I’ve seen for my own eyes the awesome results my students are having in a very short period of time, like:

  • Ability to access muscles they were not previously aware of and to correct muscle imbalances.
  • Improved balance and proprioception.
  • Coordination of muscle activation with improved joint mechanics
  • Core strength (accessing deep stabilizing muscles vs. global large muscle groups)
  • Mobility and Stability in their joints
  • Ability to utilize breath for optimization of muscles and movement strategies
  • Experiencing how a calm nervous system turbocharges learning and improves overall health

Here is a video by the creator Daniel Vladeta.

Do you wish to learn how Oov can help you?  Simply click on the Contact tab and reachout to me. You are the creator of your future you, however you want that to be.

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