Need To Elevate YOUR HEALTH?

Chill-Fit Coaching Program:

How to eliminate your Physical and Emotional pain in Record Time



Have you been frustrated by joint or muscle supplements not doing what they say they will or finding those classes at the gym don’t really make your aches and pains go away, or worse, you find new pains?  Do you have a closet full of equipment full of gadgets you have bought and forgotten? If you are ready to get on a highway to health, read on…

If you are starting to realize there are many facets to being healthy and feeling well comes from more than just diet and exercise, you know that good health is like an orchestra of instruments- all needing to play in time and the right strength to make beautiful music.   I provide integrative wellness coaching around all the elements that cause pain and dysfunction in our lives. Unlike other wellness coaches I address the symbiotic relationship of therapeutic movement, releasing toxins from the body, emotional release, and spiritual grounding.  Would you like to know what that magic combination is for you and how you can live your best lifelong into your golden years? Learn More…

Common ailments such as back pain, knee problems, and plantar fasciitis can often be traced to harmful movement patterns. Using Pilates and neuromotor techniques, I emphasize mindful movement and breath work to help clients reduce and even eliminate pain by fixing bad habits and replacing them with healthy and biomechanically sound movement patterns.

Feeling unbalanced? I combine pure therapeutic essential oils with ancient techniques to bring structural and electrical balance to the body. I also teach clients how to use the essential oils so they can experience their lasting and life-changing benefits.



  • Naturally manage and eliminate pain
  • Improve your posture by strengthening specific muscles
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Strengthen your bones to help prevent osteoporosis
  • Prevent falls and reduce the risk of bone fractures
  • Move with confidence and strength
  • Feel balanced and better manage stress
  • Enhance your immune system and bounce back from illness quicker
  • Learn techniques to take home to experience a healthier lifestyle

Why I teach

My Vision


Is to enlighten, encourage, and empower people to make sustainable lifestyle choices that will allow them to maintain their best health, wellness and mobility as they progress through different stages of their lives.

My mission


Betsy Walker Wellness is dedicated to helping people naturally achieve optimal health through exercise and integrated wellness techniques. We educate our clients on mindful movement based on Pilates methods and provide a safe space for people of all physical abilities to learn and practice.

-Iva Paleckova, Coaching

In six months time, my "senior" core was noticeably stronger.

"I was a newbie to Pilates when I started having twice a week sessions with Betsy. She has had the ability to combine Pilates principles with an endless knowledge of the human body's anatomy. In six months time, my "senior" core was noticeably stronger, I no longer needed the orthotics which I had been using for the last 20 years, and I regained the additional range of motion in my neck and shoulders that had been hurt in a car accident."

- Barb, Pilates

With Betsy's help this year I return to skiing with two legs.

“It is not my opinion but a fact that Betsy's methods work. Before Betsy became my teacher I had 17° pronation in my right ankle. In other words, I walked like a half a duck. After working with Betsy twice a week for a number of years my pronation today is less than 5%. For over 40 years I have seen several physicians, chiropractors and body alignment specialists with no tangible result. I gave up skiing in 2000 out of frustration since I was unable to keep my right foot straight. With Betsy's help this year I return to skiing with two legs. I use to say that I've skied 20 years, one year 20 times. Never again, thank you, Betsy.

For Serious structural problem or overall conditioning, I trust Betsy.”

Dale Windish, Pilates

Strengthening my core and working on my flexibility has led to better balance & coordination...

"I believe I have more stamina and strength which in turn has improved my summer golf game. Strengthening my core and working on my flexibility has led to better balance & coordination in my Yoga classes as well.

It is a joy to work with a professional such as Betsy Walker. She individualizes her program for each client whether it’s a group class or an individual lesson. She takes the time to get to know each of her clients as individuals and deeply cares about their well being."

Pam Payne, Pilates


Orchard & Buckley Centennial, Colorado, United States (The Hills @ Piney Creek)