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Each of us is unique, with our own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why I take an integrative approach to wellness, pulling from various fitness disciplines to help clients address their body’s singular requirements so that they can reduce pain, prevent injury, and grow stronger and healthier. My approach incorporates therapeutic movement techniques, such as Pilates, CoreAlign, neuromotor training, and the Franklin Method, as well as therapy through essential oils and energy work.

During my private and group therapeutic movement sessions, I assess and monitor my students for their physical movement needs, and offer creative solutions that will help them strategically work through any physical and emotional limitations or barriers.

I coach clients on breath work and meditative mind/body approaches while focusing on the most beneficial movements and exercises for each client. My goal is to help my clients strengthen postural muscles, increase range of motion, improve balance and coordination, and experience whole-body health.

Essential Oils

Essential oils, the lifeblood of plants and trees, have been used for centuries as a path to wellness and spirituality. Today, science has begun to prove what our ancestors seem to have figured out through trial and error—that essential oils offer unique properties that can enhance wellness. Even just smelling an oil can change one’s emotional state because of the oil’s immediate effect on the brain’s limbic system.

If you want to embrace a natural, green lifestyle, then essential oils are the way to go. The highest quality essential oils can be used directly on the body or diffused through the air to be inhaled, while some also can be ingested as a dietary supplement. We can even enhance our pet’s health with essential oils.  

When choosing an essential oil, it is important to know your source and compare the company’s production methods and commitment to quality. To ensure that the oils you are using are not tainted, weakened, or otherwise adulterated, look for a vendor that controls the entire manufacturing process, from what seed to plant to its cultivation, distillation, and bottling. Reputable vendors also rely on respected third-party labs to regularly test the purity and authenticity of their oils.

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This unique technique of applying pure therapeutic essential oils with ancient methods will address the common imbalances  the body experiences because of the stress, toxins, and modern lifestyles.  Essential oils contain the essence of the plant and various active compounds that have the ability to positively act on the mind and body.

Why have a Raindrop Session?

Support and calm the nervous system

Balance emotions

Support healthy tissue and immune function

Lessen the effects our your toxic lifestyles and exposure

Address imbalances in the body

Promote proper structural alignment

Relax muscles and relieve tension

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